Hungarin fashion

Folksdance in Vajda János Gimnázium in October 2013Folk costumes vary from region to region, but some of the typical features are the following: In the past Hungarian women wore many skirts – several white underskirts and one colorful skirt on the top. Their shirts were also decorated, mostly with floral patterns. Their hair was plaited with ribbons, and they also had an embroidered handkerchief.

The men wore baggy linen pants, a white shirt and a vest. They also wore hats and boots.

Women and girls often came together while they talked and made the embroideries. There are different styles of embroideries based on the different areas in Hungary.  The Matyó and Kalocsa regions are famous for their heavily decorated vests and blouses.

In our days people don’t often wear traditional clothes but there are many schools in the country where the children learn about Hungarian traditions, how to play musical instruments or how to dance. There are many folk dance groups, too.

Compiled by: Szép Emma, Rebi and Timi.

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