Food in Iceland

hangikjotIn Iceland we still have the old food which people in the olden days use to eat, like sheep balls, head of sheep, dry fish and smoked lamb and there are many other foods which would take days to name. In the olden days our society uses to be really low in development and when the USA were building the Empire states building then we use to live in grass houses. One hundred years ago we had to keep our little food which we had by putting it in whey, smoke, dry it out. This food is not often eaten now it´s manly eaten when there is a feast called Þorrablót which is in January and was thrown to celebrate certain month. Most people (manly the young people) don´t like the smell of this food. The influence of Danish food culture properly begins in the 18th century. The food recipes which came from Denmark were the one which were used in higher class in Denmark and Norway but when the recipes were used in Iceland there were used much cheaper ingredients. 

Today we eat really regular food as other countries. Here is a description of some of the food which is regular to eat. There is of course fish. We eat fish a lot which is kind of basic because we are of course fishing country. Fish is boiled, fried on pan and put in oven. We do really a lot with our fish. The most popular way to cook it would properly be to boil the fish and put salt in the pot. Then boil potatoes with and somebody make fat with. The fish which we catch is cod, haddock, wolf fish, langoustines, prawns and so many others. We also eat meat like beef, pork and the famous Icelandic lamb which I'm going to talk about later. 

The typical Icelander eats breakfast in the morning between seven o´clock to eight o´clock. For many people breakfast would be the morning cereal Cheerios, Kellogg's or Coco Puffs. Some people eat the lovely oat meal which is really healthy. Then it´s the morning tea and most people eat like one banana or apple and drink juice with.
The lunch in Iceland is not that big meal as most people are working or in school and the lunch are often small meals like Skyr which is like yogurt but healthier, bred with butter, cheese and some stuff. We drink juice, water, milk or something like that with lunch. To draw everything together the lunch is just small snacks.

Then there´s the afternoon tea despite the fact that Icelanders don´t drink much tee. They rather drink coffee and eat cakes or some other sweet treats.

The dinner in Iceland is the biggest meal of all. Then most people are home and the family are home. By the dinner table there are often discussions about the day which has past. Often there are political discussions. In dinner we eat fish, meat and all kind of food from some countries like Pizza, In this picture you can see a typical Icelandic healthy dinner which is boiled fish, with potato's 

humarThe Icelandic lamb is famous for its unique taste. It is so pure that it´s not like any other lamb in the world. The treatment of the sheep´s are very good and are they let go to the mountains in summer times and gather backed to the farmer in the fall. Most Icelanders have tasted leg of lamb which is extremely good.  There are many farms in Iceland.

Höfn is famous for its langoustine. There are many restaurants which sells Langoustines one of it is Humarhöfnin which is the only restaurant who put that as a advertisement for its business. The locals from Höfn cook the langoustines which are a type of lobster but they are smaller, most people grill them with a lot of butter, parsley, garlic and some salt, with salad, some sauce and white wine and then you are in heaven.    

SkyrSkyr is a type of yogurt but it´s thicker and it´s way healthier. You can get skyr in any supermarket or gas stations. Skyr is sold with many flavours like vanilla, strawberries, banana and chocolate and also is it possible to get the original skyr with no sugar. Skyr is good with everything and is often eaten as lunch, between exercises or after and in deserts. Skyr is made from milk of cows.  

Brennivín is a famous Icelandic alcohol drink and it´s made from mashed potatoes, it is flavoured with caraway, cumin, angelica and other botanical ingredients. Brennivín is schnapps and is similar to vodka. It´s strong drink and if you translate the word Brennivín it is Fire wine.  Brennivín is best served cold in shot glass. It is often kept in freezers.

Written by Ragnar Magnús

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