Icelandic music

For centuries Icelanders would pass down stories using rhymes. It were used when people meet in a family reunion, camping or just small gatherings. For many years there has been a tradition to join a choir. Our old stories of the Vikings would be lost if we didn’t have the old rhymes. Here is an example of rhymes

Some 10 years ago there was a great revival for the tradition when the old rhyming poets teamed up with young musicians in effort to keep the rhyming tradition from dying out. Rappers, rockers and singers started rhyming. The main part of Icelandic poetry is from the 14th century. Stories where told in rhymes.

Not all can rhymeBjork and rap so most people join a choir. For example in Höfn there are at least 5 choirs; Women's choir, Men's choir, Children's choir, Church choir, old people choir

There are not famous classical musicians in Iceland like Bartok and Liszt. The closest thing to it is Jón Leifs. He was successful as a conductor and also as a writer. His work was most about Icelandic nature.

Björk Guðmundsdóttir started as a punk singer. She is very famous in other countries, possibly even more than in Iceland. People think that she and her music are a bit strange. Björk has been nominated for 14 Grammy Awards and has won many British and international awards. Everyone talked in the fashion and entertainment world about this dress that she wore on the red carpet for Oscar awards in 2001. The dress even has its own Wikipedia page.

Sigur Rós is very interesting and different from other Icelandic band. The name Sigur Rós means Victory Rose and is named after Jonsi's little sister. Sigur Rós has been described as the biggest band in Icelandic history. One reporter said that listeniOf Monsters And Menng to Sigur Rós was like listening to angels crying golden tears. Their songs has been used in many Hollywood films like We bought a zoo, Vanilla sky and in TV-shows for example X factor and The tonight show with Jay Leno. 

Ásgeir Trausti is very famous in Iceland and is trying to make it in America. He has a very special singing voice but he does not think he sings well. His songs has often got to the top of Icelandic music lists

Of Monsters and Men plays pop and folk music. The band won a song contest 2010 in Iceland called Músíktilraunir and after that they became famous. They were discovered in America recently and have been playing on chat shows there. Most recently Ben Stiller discovered their music and he put one of their songs into the movie called The secret life of Walter Mitty.

Written by Ljósbrá Dögg and María Hjördís

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