Living in a Changing Climate awarded with the European Quality Label

etw europeanqualitylabel 65716 huOur project “Living in a Changing Climate” is now officially over. The project leader submitted the final report in September 2015.

It was a pleasure last October when both partner schools, FAS in Höfn, Iceland and Vajda Gimnázium in Keszthely, Hungary received the following news from the international eTwinning team:

“Your school has been awarded the European Quality Label for the excellence of the work in the eTwinning project "Living in a Changing Climate ". This means that your work, the work of your students and your school have been recognised at the highest European level”.

etw europeanqualitylabel 65851 iceAs a result you will receive a certificate which you can attach to your website(s) and display in a prominent position in your school. Also, your project will be displayed in a special area on the European Portal at Once again congratulations on this unique achievement". 

This is the first time that both participating schools receive the European Quality Label. It is a great honour and confirms good work among the students from Iceland and Hungary. Congratulations to all of you!






National eTwinning Competition Budapest, October 16th, 2014

A few months ago the team applied for and was awarded an eTwinning Quality Label for the Living in a Changing Climate Project. (You may know that our project is part of two systems of school partnerships, one is the eTwinning, and the other is the Comenius program). The regulations did not allow the Icelandic team to enter their national eTwinning competition, but the Hungarian team was allowed to enter although the official closing of the project is  a few more months ahead.

So here we go, this past Wednesday seven of the 11 students had an early morning wake up and headed to our capital city at 6.30am. Thick fog was followed by a warm sunny day, and driving through the city during the morning rush hours in a mini bus offered by eTwinning, we arrived at the venue of the competition: the Eben Hotel on the Pest side of our capital city.

The arriving teams were offered with refreshments and biscuits, and at 10 o’clock the head of the Hungarian eTwinning office greeted the participants. 11 teams – including one kindergarten, 5 primary and 5 secondary schools followed with their 15-20-minute presentations. Each included a ppt or prezi, short videos, and we could see and hear some songs and short plays too. We could also set up a small exhibition by the sidewall of the room, including Levi’s knitted woolen pullover, brochures, books and a nice calendar that you sent us for Christmas.

Our presentation was the last one, well after the lunch break. The students built it on Dóri’s prezi. Dóri, Niki, Gyopi, Rebi, Dia and Emma spoke about various aspects of the project; finally Levi showed a 6-min video of our visit to Iceland. Everyone was of course a little nervous, especially because the links that had been neatly saved and prepared on the main PC a few hours earlier simply disappeared or just would not open. But Dóri and the technician were able to sort things out, while the team creatively adjusted to the circumstances and went on with their presentation. So the ‘All’s well that ends well’ saying was again proved when we got the big applause in the end.

The jury retired to make their decision, and a little after 4 pm the results were announced. There was one 1st place and a shared second place. The Ady Gimnázium from Budapest got the first prize, and Vajda Gimnázium became second.

You can see the results and some photos here:
Beside a Certificate we got a 30 000 HUF prize. The team will probably spend it all having a nice pizza at our official project closing meeting.
By the way, how about having one more common Skype meeting before the school year is over?

Kati FH

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Tuesday the 11th of March

After a long and windy day we found a nice accommodation at the Bread & Breakfast Hostel. We could not sleep enough though, because at 4 am we had to get up. After a quick but tasty breakfast two shuttle buses took us to the Keflavík Airport. Our flight was delayed by 50 minutes, but our pilot managed to catch up a little.

Once again we had the chance to see the Southern shoreline of Iceland with its magnificent glaciers. We also saw part of the Scandinavian Peninsula and Hamburg with the estuary of the Elba River. Munich welcomed us with sunny and mild weather, which was a little unusual after the freezing days of Iceland (we wonder why the island got its name…).

We soon got on our red minibus, and headed for Keszthely. The distance is 630 km, and we arrived at the familiar TESCO parking lot at 11 pm. It was good to see our families, and of course the parents and friends were happy too. 

Still it seems that it will take a few days to readjust to our daily routines and find our way around the good old building of Vajda János Gimnázium Keszthely. And one more thing that is certain: our life will not be the same as it was – we will all carry with us the unforgettable memories we collected on the island of wind, sun, rain, snow, wilderness, unique wildlife and the people that we may now call friends.

Takk fyrir!

Written by the teachers of the Hungarian team



Monday the 10th of March

We got up, finished packing and then we had our last breakfast with our host families. After that we went to the school to say good bye to our Icelandic partners. We didn't want to go back home because we had a fantastic time in Iceland. We had to start our 450 km journey to Reykjavík.

We first stopped in Vík. We had some time for shopping, but did not go to the shore because it was rainy and very windy.

First we stopped at the Gullfoss waterfall. It was beautiful thought the weather was terrible. The wind blew some of us off the boardwalk. We continued our way but we stopped to see the geysers.  It was very nice. We could take some pictures and videos of the largest geyser, too.

We wanted to see the Þingvellir but we couldn't because of the storm. Hjördís checked the weather forecast with the driver, and they decided that it would be too dangerous to take the road there. Therefore we decided to take the safer roads. We arrived in Reykjavik at about 7 o'clock. The journey there was also very windy and rainy, with big snow on the roadside. We drove to the city center, and stopped near the harbour to see the new Concert Hall of Reykjavík, Harpan. We went in, and looked around in this very special building.

We were very hungry so the last stop was the KFC in Keflavík.  We had a big meal, and then went we arrived at the Bread and Breakfast Hotel, which was very nice. We thanked Hjördís for her work and said goodbye to her and the driver. Our luggage is  ready but we don’t feel like going home.

Written by Emma Szép


Sunday the 9th of March

We started our last day in Höfn by visiting Heidis's farm. She and her father arranged for some horse riding, so we all tried to ride an Icelandic horse. It was quite exciting. Then we looked around the farm and we saw a couple of animals such as sheep, horses and dogs. After having a delicious meat and vegetable soup lunch with the family we had some free time with our partners. We visited the summer house of our partners, we visited a ghost house which wasn't scary at all. We were looking for some caves, and we took some beautiful pictures of the incredible view.

You know the saying: you only live once. This inspired us taking some funny pics. Some of us just hang out and explored the fascinating Icelandic view with quads. That was pretty awesome. After spending an exciting afternoon, we spent the last evening together.

Our farewell evening with all of the host families took place in the school. We ate some kind of traditional dinner including lamb and potatoes and of course a couple of biscuits which tasted very good. Dóra and Ragnar were the speakers, and we could enjoy the wonderful piano playing and singing of Árman and Þórdís Imsland and we also performed some traditional songs of our countries. By singing and having a great time together we realized that we loved every moment of our stay because of the hospitality of our families and the hard work of our partners.

Written by Timea Patai