Dóra Márton

Hello !

My name is Dóra Márton. I'm 16 years old. I live in Keszthely. This town is near lake Balaton. I'm a student in a local school. it's name is Vajda János Grammar school. I studied in a specialized class for Biology and Mathematik. I learn Biology,and this is my favourite subject too.

We are 4 in my family. My father is a dentist, my mother is housewife. I have an older brother. He is 23 years old. He study a technical University in Budapest (capital of Hungary). I like animals, I have a dog her name is Bogi. We live in a detached house near the school.

I'm a scout, every year I go scout camp where we stay in tents and hiking in the forest. I like the nature very much. Im keen on sports, I play tennis and i like sailing. My family has a little sailingboat on the lake Balaton. In winter my family and me go to skiing and iceskating.

I’m crazy about dancing, sometimes my friends and me go to parties and we are dancing there. I love music. My favourite music style is rock but i like everything. (pop, hip-hop,rap etc.) I play guitar and piano. If i have time I like reading, novels and detective stories. I’m keen on travelling. I was in Turkey with my scool, it was a partnership. I have also been in Sweden in a World scout jamboree. I'm a very happy girl, and I like smiling and laughing, and meeting with my friends.

Looking forward to seeing you.
Bye: Dóra