Ella Korponai

my name is Ella Korponai. I live in Keszthely, Hungary. Keszthely is a beautiful town with a big castle next to Lake Balaton. Balaton is very nice in summer. You can swim in it a lot, and in winter you can skate on the ice.

I was born on 31 December 1996 in Debrecen. I'm 16 years old. I am a student in Vajda János Secondary Grammar School. I have got two brothers: Kristóf and Csanád. Kristóf is 23 years old and he lives in Budapest. He attends the university of ELTE. Csanád is 9 years old. My mother is a math and geography teacher. My father is a hydro-biologist and he teaches at the University of Szombathely.

My hobbies are handball, skiing and snowboarding and I usually go to run every day. I also like listening to music. My favourite band is The Killers, Green Day. My favourite actress are Dakota Fanning and Amanda Seifred. My favourite films are Intouchables and Letters to Juliet and I saw The great Gatsby a few weeks ago and I really liked it too, so I want to buy the book and read it too.

I'm talkative, sociable, happy, and energetic. I like to go to parties with my friend. I have got long, straight brown hair. And I like travelling. I was in Sweden, England, Croatia, Belgium , Greece, Turkey. I haven’t got any pets yet, but I like animals.

Love, Ella.