Emma Szép

Dear you!

My name is Emma Szép. I live in a village in Gyenesdiás in a detached house with a lot of trees, two dogs and a rabbit, too. Our house is near to lake Balaton, so in the summertime we can go to the beach. In the winter, if the lake is frozen, we can go to skate or play ice-hockey.I have a sister, Lenke. She is 8 years old and she has just finished the first class. My brother is 15 years old. He is going to learn in a high school in September. My father is a beekeper, he has a big honeybee farm. My mother is a housewife.

Our neighbours are my cousins. The oldest girl has the same age as me. We are best friends. She learns in the capital city, in Budapest with violin. She has 3 brothers. The smallest is just 2 years old. He is very lovely.

I study at Vajda János High School in Keszthely. There are 36 students in my classe. My best friend is Rebi, she is also in this exchange.

If the weather is good I usually go to school by scooter, but in winter my parents usually bring me or I go there by bus. My favourite subjects are biology, art and literature.

I love sports: tennis, playing volleyball, swimming, sailing. Sometimes I go to ride a horse with my friend, Rebi. In the winter I love skating and ice-hockey. Every year we go to ski to Austria, but I love snowboarding, too.

In my free time I usually do sports or go somewehre with my friends (we can go to the cinema or to  confectonery. In the summer we usually go to the beach. In my free time I love reading, watching a good film or listening to music.

Best wishes, Emma