Júlia Hartung

My name is Júlia Hartung. I am 16 years old, so I will be eleventh-year in a secondary school next year. I live in Keszthely, near Lake Balaton. My dad’s name is Rudolf Hartung, he is a technician. My mum’s name is Margit Ruzsics, she is a chief accountant.

I have a beagle dog, her name is Zserbo like a confectionery. I play with her in our garden almost every day and we go running to the lake twice a week. She is plump a little, but she is very sweet. I love animals, but I don’t learn Biology in extra lessons, I specialise in Maths. I like physics and astronomy too. I’ve been riding a horse in the next village for 3 years.

In my free time I read books, listen to music, watch films, play with my dog, make our garden, take trips with my father, learn English, go horse riding, skating (in winter) or sail. We bought a small sailboat two years ago, so we can go sailing with my father in summer. I love ice-skating in winter, when Lake Balaton freezes over or in the neighbouring town where there is a small icering. I would like to learn figure-skating too.

Otherwise disco music desonders me, because it doesn’t have any tune, my favourite singers are Leona Lewis, Adele or Michael Jackson. I like listening to Edvin Marton’s songs. He is a Hungarian violin virtuoso, who performs his songs in crossover genre. Please write back to me and write about yourself.