Levente Lovas

Hello everybody!

My name is Levente Lovas. I was born in 1996, and will have my 17. birthday in December. I am 185 cm tall, I have brown hair and eyes. I live in Keszthely, my school is a 15 minutes walk away from my home.

I live with my parents, my grandma and my sister. Both of my parents are 53 years old, my father is called Jenő and my mother’s name is Rózsa (it means Rose in English). They are working in our family firm, it is a little transporting company, we have 2 lorries at the moment and we are mainly transporing in Hungary and in the neighbouring countries. My sister is called Viktória. She is 24 years old, she is studying economics at the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. And my mother’s mom lives with us, her name is Erzsébet and she is 86.

In my freetime I do a lot of things. I like to read books, play on the computer, listen to music (I almost like all kind of music, and I’m a member of the school radio team), do outside activities when the wheather is good (my favourite one is cycling). And I have a special hobby, it is magic. I like to do, learn and watch magic tricks anytime, anywhere. My favourite magicians are Dynamo and Soma Hajnóczi.

In the future I would like to go university. I want to learn meachanics or electric engineering.
I hope we will meet in the autumn!