Péter Bálint

My name is Bálint Péter. I live in Keszthely, Hungary. Our town is an old historic town and it has a lot of sights and monuments. The town of Keszthely is located on the western shores of Eurpoe’s largest sweetwater lake, Lake Balaton. I am very happy to live in this town. 

I am 16 years old.  I have short blond hair and blue eyes. I am 184 centimetres tall. I am a student in the local secondary school. My school is about 1 km from our house. I always walk. I am in the 10th class. Our class is a good group and there is always a good atmosphere. I study on biology department that means I study more biology and chemistry. We have four biology and three chemistry lessons a week in this school year. My dream is to be veterinarian. I am fond of animals and I am interested in ethology and genetics. I like languages, I study English and German.

There are three of us in our family, my parents and me. My father is a contractor. My mom is a manager of a firm. We haven’t got any pets because we live in a flat, and I agree with my parents who say that keeping a dog or a cat in a flat is not good either for the pet or for the family.

In my free time I like playing computer games and swimming. I also like going on trips and taking photos. I am fond of reading books. While reading novels, I try to imagine the scenery, the characters, what they look like, what they feel and think. My favourite writers are for example Ken Follett, Daniel Silva, Leslie L. Lawrence. My hobbies are playing the guitar, modelling, listening to music. My favourite group is Iron Maiden. I am interested in travelling, nature and people. I’ve been to Finland, England, Italy, France and in Turkey. And now I am studing in Viena for 1 month.

I am vegetarian, but sometimes I taste bacon and sausage. My favourite dishes are bean, pea, tomato and garlic creme soup, pizza, cheese, pancakes.
I am sociable and cheerful. I have got many friends and I like walking, cycling, watching films with them.