Rebeka Varga

Hi everybody,

My name is Rebeka Varga. I am 16 years old. I live in Keszthely so called the capital city of Lake Balaton.My parents are working in our guesthouse close to the lake. I have two elder brothers. The eldest(Szabolcs) runs a company dealing with producing creams or jams for bakeries. The other one (Zoltán) is a pilot, consequently he needs to travel a lot. He lives in the capital city (Budapest) but most of the year he is abroad. I enjoy being with my family, I have two smaller cousins. In most of the time my family is far away, but at weekends, or celebrations we usually spend the time together.

I love animals, I have a cat called Bendegúz, I consider him a part of the family too. I am interested in nature; I would like to be a vet. I am studying at Biology faculty at Vajda János Secondary School in my town. School year is quite hard for us to survive, but fortunately we have a long, hot and sunny summer holiday. After secondary school I am planning to go to University in Budapest. But as long as I am living here, I can live for my hobby. I use the world ’hobby’ but  horse riding is more than a time-spending activity for me. After school I usually use my bike to get to Gyenesdiás- a small village next to Keszthely. I spent the afternoon riding in restful forests, being in nature is relaxing for me.

I also like relaxing by listening music or running on the bike lanes near the lake. My brother has a band, and I think they are quite talented, they play a kind of alternative music, but I also like pop and rock music as well. I like spending my time by reading, but not the books that are compulsory; I prefer romantic stories, or adventure books. Sometimes I like reading thrillers, but to tell the truth I prefer watching them. I also enjoy reading or watching films in English. Sometimes I feel that I need to write down my thoughts, but most of the time I am too lazy to finish any of my stories. On weekdays I haven’t got enough time, but at weekends I like being with my friends. In summer I spend a lot of time in Fenékpuszta, a small village near Keszthely, where there is a bird ringing station, which is quite popular. A lot of people think I am mad, because, I get up at 5:30 am in summer and I go to the station.....but I love it, I usually help feeding the rescued birds and I help in writing the data of the birds down.

Last year I took part in a Turkish and Hungarian partnership, and it was a memorable experience. I feel myself pretty lucky and I am grateful to have the chance to be the part of this project!
These are the most important things about me, I thing It is enough for a while! I am looking forward to getting in touch with you!
Take care!