Tímea Patai

Hello everybody,

My name is Tímea Patai. I am 17 years old. I live in a small town called Keszthely with my family. I have got an elder sister, her name is Noémi. She is studying at university in the capital city (Budapest). My mum is a teacher. My father is an engineer. However, we have got a guest house close to lake Balaton and my parents work there.

I am a student in the Vajda János Secondary School. I specialise in Maths, my favourit subjects are Maths, Literature and Biology. I learn English and French.

I love animals, I have got two cats, they are parts of the family. I love horses, I ride a horse in my free time. My hobbies are dancing and skiing. In the future I want to become a ski instructor. I like snorkeling, sailling and snowboarding. Every winter we go to ski to Austria. In this summer i want to learn wakeboarding with my sister. I have been dancing Hungarian folk dance for 7 years. I love folk music, folk dance and Hungarian traditions.

I don’t like reading. I prefer the films. My favourite films are 127 hours and The basketball diaries (They are biographical films, I love those.)
I travel a lot with my family or with my friends. I have been to Thailand, France, Egypt and in a lot of countries.
I took share in other exchange program and we enjoyed it.

I'm looking forward to getting in touch with you. ☺