Andri Geir Jóhannsson

It was on a sunny afternoon in early May 1977 that a general crisis management exercise had been scheduled at Akureyri hospital. Doctors and nurses hurried up and down long corridors, busily ensuring that any future emergency could be dealt with. As it happens, one of the crises managed that day was the birth of one Andri Geir Johannsson, at around five o'clock... just in time for tea.

Young Andri led a happy childhood in the comfort and safety of Akureyri, in a time when front doors were left unlocked so that guests could just let themselves in and they didn't even have to call ahead. Microwave ovens were the latest thing in home appliances and mobile phones could only be carried around using a car. It was the time of Reagan and Thatcher, big hair, shoulder pads and Duran Duran. Thankfully Andri has little recollection of the outfits he was made to wear in those days.

In his early teens Andri woke up one morning to find himself relocated to England where the family stayed for a year. He was enrolled in a school for boys and sported a fine uniform every day, shirt and tie included. Many, many cups of tea later the family moved back to Iceland and Andri's love affair with the English language started.

After completing compulsory and upper-secondary education, Andri moved to the capital and studied English literature and linguistics at the University of Iceland. Andri discovered early on that working in education would be his calling. After finishing his education and certification, he started teaching English as a second language at the upper-secondary level in Iceland. In addition he taught ESL and IT in adult education.

Andri then moved on to complete a Master's degree in Education from the University of Oslo and true to his calling, has now returned to Iceland to teach English.