Heiðdís Anna Marteinsdóttir

Hello, my name is Heiðdís Anna, I‘m 17 years old (born 1996), I come from a farm called Ártún, but I go to school on Höfn. I go to FAS which is a upper secondary school in Höfn, I study sociology at school.
I don’t have many hobbies but I like horses and horse riding. I go to the gym a few times a week. I love traveling but I don’t think that is a hobby. I drive the most beautiful car, a black Susuki Swift, I call it Black Beauty.

We are three siblings in my family. My sister is the oldest, Lena (born 1987), Lena and she has the cutest little son named Ívar Örn who was born in May 2012. Then there is my brother, his name is Gunnar (born 1988).  Our parents, Marteinn (born 1965) and Þorbjörg (born 1969), own a garbage company, and we also have a lot of sheep on our farm.

I have a boyfriend who  is four years older than I am, his name is Úlfar and he was born 1992.

I have two cats  that are called Snjóber and Sólber, and right now we have 3 dogs; Píla, Emma and París.

Anyway I’m looking forward to getting to know you people and your country! :)