Ljósbrá Dögg Ragnarsdóttir

My name is Ljósbrá Dögg Ragnarsdóttir and I‘m 17 years old. I was born on the 26th of February 1996 and I have a boyfriend called Alexander. He is 17 years old like me and we have been together for almost 4 years. He moved to the capital of Iceland to live with his father, stepmother and younger sisters and go to school.

I live with my parents in a nice and comfortable home. My dad is named Ragnar and he is a painter and my mum is called Rannveig and her work is cleaning homes for old people who need help with and she is also an assistant at the elementary school. I‘ve two much older brothers, they are awesome.  My oldest brother Eymundur is 20 years older than me. He is 37 years old and is married and has three beautiful young girls. Their names are: Aníta 8 years old, Sóley 2 years old and Elín who was born in February this year. My brother Eymundur is very fun and he workes with our dad in the biggest company in the town. My younger older brother is Sindri and he is a sport expert and is 33 years old and runs a guesthouse in his big house during summers.

My main hobby is football/soccer but I am also interested in fashion, make up and travelling. I‘ve been playing sports all my life but my favorite sport has always been football. I have played football since I was 6 years old and now I play with the premier league team in Höfn and also with my age group. I started playing football again after one year away because of problem in my hip bon.

I go to the local junior college here in Höfn, which is called FAS (Framhaldsskólinn í Austur-Skaftafellssýslu). I‘m not sure what I‘m going to learn after graduating, but I‘m definitely going to travel first.

Looking forward to talking to you.
Szia, Ljósbrá Dögg Ragnarsdóttir