Nejra Mesetovic

My name is Nejra Mesetovic and I am 18 this year. I am originally from Bosnia but I grew up and live in a small town, called Höfn. We are five in my family, I have two younger siblings, my sister Adisa is 15 years old and my little brother Emir who is 7. Both of my parents work in the largest freezing plant in town.

I go to FAS where I study languages, I will hopefully finish school next year and then I plan to study tourism.

My main hobby is football; I have played football since I was very young. In the summertime we have many football games and we practice a lot. I play with the premier team here in Höfn called Sindri.
I like being with my family and hanging out with my friends but being alone and watching TV-shows.

During the summer I work in a freezing plant and often I go to Bosnia to visit my family and friends there.

I love going to new places so I am really excited to visit Hungary.
If you want us to get to know each other more add me on Facebook.