Ragnar Magnús Þorsteinsson


My name is Ragnar Magnús Þorsteinsson and I´m seventeen years old. I live in the town Höfn. I like Höfn but when I finish the upper-secondary school FAS I´m going to university in Reykjavík. My hobbies are sports, music, travelling, hanging out with friends and trying new things. I´m really adventures person. I like trying something new. I have four siblings; they are Einar 27, Svava 25, Andri 21 og Bragi 21. My mother works in a kitchen at an old people´s home and is also in school studying, my father is a captain on a fishing ship called Hvanney. I also have a rabbit and its name is Lopez.

At FAS I study natural science. I play piano and I coach gymnastics, I used to practice gymnastics but I quit and am now just coaching. I´m not sure what I want to do in the future but I´m sure that it will be connected to what I´m studying in FAS and I´m sure I will go to university.