Students' group work

In this phase of the project the participants in both countries have worked on several themes and topics. Before the visits the students prepared presentations about their countries, hometown and school, which they presented to their partners during the visits. Those presentations were in English, which is the working language for the project.

During the visit to Hungary the group work aimed to let the students learn about each other in a short time. It also established a common trust between the participants.

Probably the most interesting joint activity took place during the second visit, in Iceland. The members of the Hungarian and Icelandic team worked in groups of four to discuss the issue of climate change. First they explored the role and responsibility of man in climate change, and they made presentations about it. In the second round the teams discussed possible solutions to the problems. Here are some of their presentations. 

After the visit to Hungary the Icelandic team summarised their experience and what they learned in a few days. Those presenations were given to the students of FAS (only in Icelandic).

Discovering Hungary (only in Icelandic)